Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Toner for oily/acne prone skin

We've all read how important this step is. Often times we skip it or quit after bad experiences.

Ex 1.

Use (insert product name) and swear your face is going to burn off but youve got to dry those pimples out.Right?

Ex 2.

Use (insert product name) and notice no difference. Hows this stuff going to work if I don't feel anything happening AND there's no alcohol in here?

While you can find LOADS of recipes online for facial toners, who has time to save parts of eggs, make sure the fruit keeps so you can remember to try it out, remember to take it out so its not freezing cold when you're ready to use it,etc. The list goes on and on.

In addition to using a skin care regiment that needs no infomercial products (that shall remain nameless), toner really does help, I promise! You just have to find the right one. For me its apple cider vinegar and rose water 50/50 mix. It gets my skin nice and clean, stays in the bathroom with me,and requires nothing to prep it. It keeps break outs at bay and if I do happen to have one, it cuts the time of healing in half.

Vinegar, according to skinmdnatural:

Is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, stimulates circulation in small capillaries, helps eliminate waste, and protects against fungal and bacterial infection. It also irrigates the skin, dissolves excess fat deposits near or on the surface, balances oily skin and restores the skin’s natural pH. It contains beta-carotene, pectin, a wide range of vitamins and several minerals vital to good health and healthy skin.

And rose water?

It's an anti-inflammatory, soothes the skin, smells great, and is good for all skin types since it is gentle on the skin. An added bonus is that rose water can be used to set your makeup, to prep your face before applying makeup, and to freshen up throughout the day (with or without makeup). *make sure it is real rosewater*

Sensitive skin? Just use the rosewater.

Monday, December 26, 2011


This blog was created out of my developing desire to be healthy inside and out. Thank goodness we arent what we consume. Those things present in ways that we often ignore: headaches, excess fat, wrinkles,fatigue,etc. With minor changes you can eat healthier without breaking the bank.

Herbal Delights
Natural beauty products for skin and hair

Tea Time
Not just for drinking, the many uses of teas

Healthy Healing
Natural products/dieting practices that promote healing for your body

Eat Your Way to Health
Trade those fried foods for healthy alternatives.
*approved by a former fast food junkie

Friday, November 11, 2011

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